GROW Summer Program

What is the GROW Summer Program? The GROW Summer Program is a response to a need in our community for kids to be able to spend time outdoors with other children in a safe, fun and structured environment. 

What age children is the program for? The GROW Summer program is for children ages 4-11 in our community.

How will the kids be grouped? The children will be grouped with other children their age. There will be a maximum of 3 groups of 8 children each with one counselor per group.

Where will it take place? The program will take place outdoors on the Chabad property. Each group will have a designated outdoor area and the groups will not mingle. In case of rain, each group will be indoors in a designated classroom. 

When will it happen? The program will be from Monday - Friday from 9:00am-12pm. There will be 2 two-week sessions. The first session will be from July 6 - July 17 and the second session will be from July 20 - July 31.

What is the cost? The cost will be $450 for each 2-week session or $850 for all 4 weeks.

What sort of activities will the children be doing? The children will enjoy outdoor games and activities, art, cooking, Challah baking, STEM, singing, Jewish learning, as well as social-emotional skills workshops.

How can we ensure our kids's safety? We will sanitize bathrooms and all equipment nightly and have frequent hand washing breaks. Any child that has a fever will not be allowed to attend. Children will remain with their designated group and counselor throughout the program and will not mingle with other groups.