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MyPalette – The Torah Edition

Fresh and Wholesome Food. Back to the Core

Torah values and practices about food are the foundation for this experiential culinary arts curriculum. MyPalette is a Torah-based program that inspires kids to make good food choices. Kids learn where their food comes from, what our bodies need to be healthy, and how Jewish wisdom informs the decisions we make every day. Fresh food takes on new meaning when it is perceived as a means to a greater purpose: as fuel for our bodies so that we have strength to fulfill our mission, which is to bring more and more good into the world.

Hands-on cooking activities, engaging games and challenges, and meaningful child-led discussions will transform your child’s relationship with wholesome food and provide a practical foundation for making healthy choices to last a lifetime.

  • Week One:

    Mitzvah Energy. Food is re-imagined as a rainbow packed with nutrients, intentionally designed to fuel a lifetime of goodness. Grow participants “power up” meaningful mitzvah projects with the help of fresh, colorful produce. One-of-a-kind recipes are created and cooked by our own budding chefs. The kids are in charge of the kitchen!

  • Week Two:

    Mitzvah Mindfulness. Knowledge is power! Knowing about ingredients gives kids the power to make mindful choices about what they put into their bodies and blessings based on food categories help kids develop an appreciation for the source of their food. In a real-life shopping challenge, kids race against the clock to decipher food labels and fill their food baskets wisely. Whose mindful purchases will win the nutritionist’s vote?

  • Week Three:

    Food Gratitide Kids become researchers as they investigate the farm-to-table journey of various foods. As they discover the many variables and factors that must come together in order to provide us with the perfect nourishment, they experience a new sense of gratitude and stop to make a blessing. Isn’t it fun to be a chef who tastes every ingredient? Learn through your senses!

  • Week Four:

    Food for the Soul. Healthy, kosher food gives our bodies and our souls the energy we need to fulfill our mission! Kids explore the meaning and basic principles of kosher food. They are empowered to make their own kosher choices through creative substitutes to adapt a recipe. Our new-and-improved burrito is scrumptious—and energizing!  

  • Week Five:

    The Perfect Balance. Kids discover that G‑d gave each type of food its own special way of nourishing us—and we are healthiest when we benefit from the whole palette of colors! Grow kids learn so much, but will they use their knowledge and experience to benefit others? You bet! Can we find kosher, delicious recipes that will nourish our families?

  • Week Six:

    Parents Dinner. Preparations for our Parents’ Dinner are well under way! You can feel the excitement as our Grow kids hurry to set up and prepare a wholesome feast for their friends and families. Let’s congratulate them on their achievements, and let’s all continue to grow together!