An exploration of the holiday of Chanukah and the Mitzvot of Mezuzah and Tzedakah 
through hands-on science and engineering workshops

6 Week Session beginning Tuesday, November 13
Kids grades K-3
Includes delicious homemade taco dinner


Week 1
Electrify the Dark

Explore electricity, wire your own night lights, and reenact the Chanukah story of light over darkness.
Week 4
Maccabee Makerspace
Join this teamwork-building workshop for total imagination domination. Make a spinning robot dreidel and help build a jumbo s’more menorah.
Week 2
The Miracle of Oil

Experiment with liquid density and discover the fascinating properties of oil while learning about the Chanukah miracle. 

Week 5
Impactful Philanthropy

Create your very own vortex Tzedakah box and explore gravity, potential energy and momentum.

Week 3
Menorah Building

Dream. Create. Build. Construct your very own one-of-a-kind Menorah with tools and building materials.
Week 6
Ink, Parchment and Quill

Explore writing tools used throughout history, make iron gall ink (used in the writing of the Declaration of Independence), write with a feather quill and partake in the process of writing a Mezuzah scroll.

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