We believe that lessons must incorporate hands-on activities (cooking, crafts, music, drama), discussions, and texts. They must have practical relevance to the student’s lives, with provocations to inspire them to look beyond themselves. 

To that end, our curriculum includes components of each of these courses:



Beginning with letter recognition for our youngest children, the Aleph Champ program leads them through phonetic decoding, reading comprehension and fluency. 


ISRAEL – Our Land

Israel is our homeland, with significance to the past, present and future of the Jewish people. In story and song, our program emphasizes the inherent connection to this special land.


YOM TOV – Jewish Holidays:

Lessons on each of the Holidays will fill our calendar as we march from the High Holiday season, though Chanukah, Tu Bishvat, Purim, Passover, Lag B’Omer and Shavuot. Each holiday has a story, a message and cool traditions and customs! The students explore each holiday with hands-on activities and in depth discussions, with lessons spiraling upwards. 

Chabad hosts holiday celebrations for our students and their families, offering authentic experiential learning, adding dimensions to the student’s Judaic education.


MITZVOT – Divine Connectors:

Mitzvah, often translated as ‘good deed’, refers to actions that anchor lofty concepts into daily life. There are categories of Mitzvot that relate to the interpersonal; mitzvot that are holiday and Shabbat-related; related to life-cycle events; and mitzvot that are not intuitive but serve as a mechanism for honoring our relationship with G‑d. 

Our curriculum covers a broad spectrum of mitzvot, exploring how we do them, why we do them, and how our actions in general have the capacity to bring light to the world.



6,000 years ago a story began…Our Story, and it is intrinsic to our identity as a people to learn the stories of our ancestors. But stories are much more than a body of knowledge of names and places. Stories give us the opportunity to engage with the personalities of the past, applying the lessons gleaned from their struggles and triumphs to our own lives.  .



Good values can be compared to a bird’s wings. Sure, the bird’s body is what keeps it alive, but its wings makes it soar. Who am I? What do I stand for? What does ancient Jewish tradition have to teach me? Using stories and scenarios that have practical applications to our everyday life, students empower themselves with a Jewish Value System.  


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