Our Mikvah


We are proud to announce the building of the first Mikvah in Scotch Plains

To make an appointment for the Mikvah or for more information, call or text Malky at 732-259-9277



A space that is serene, inviting, and personal.

A space that allows a woman to fully embrace her identity.

A space where she can reflect upon the dreams she has for herself and her family.

A space to appreciate the deep spirituality and beauty Judaism brings to marriage.

With your help, this vision will be a reality!

What is a Mikvah?

A mikvah is a natural body of water or a collection of water that was never stagnant or gathered by human means. A mikvah must be filled with water from a flowing source such as fresh spring water or rainwater that is connected to a pool designed specifically for immersion.

Being that water is the primary source of all living things, it has the power to restore and replenish life. Symbolically, immersion in the mikvah is like a return to the womb, and immersion represents a spiritual rebirth. Mikvah provides an opportunity for regularly infusing marriage with sacred renewal, and is a source of spiritual blessing for the entire family.

Mikvahs have been built and used by Jews in every age and circumstance on the mountain fortress of Masada, in the oppressive Soviet Union, even in Nazi occupied Europe. Today, newly constructed mikvahs can be found in every corner of the globe from Argentina and Austria, to Tasmania and Thailand, enriching Jewish life the world over.

Our new, pristine, fully-modern Mikvah facilities will combine practical beauty with innate spirituality, allowing for an experience that is relaxing, rejuvenating and uplifting.

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