GROW After-School Enrichment

When children join Grow Aftrer-School Enrichment, a whole new world of imagination and growth opens up to them. In addition to supplementing their Jewish knowledge, they participate in interactive learning models that engage critical thinking skills.

The philosophy that guides Grow's programming has been developed through intensive research, along with lots of hands-on experience. The curriculum is based on a program model that focuses on learning enhancement, and building competence and confidence and enhancing core values in children.

GROW provides workshops, in 4 and  6 week sessions. These sessions will include various mediums to learn about the Jewish Holidays and life skills. The workshops are interactive and engaging.

 Who:  Children K through 4th Grade

When: Tuesdays 4:00pm - 5:30pm  Includes Dinner. Transportation from the JCC is available.

 Location: Chabad of Union County1400 Martine Avenue, Scotch Plains

Cost: $140 per 4-week session | $210 per 6-week session

For more information: email or call (908)790-0008


Magic of the Holy Land

Grow Spring Session 2024 - Purim and Passover Art

In workshops that are centered around the upcoming holidays, the children will interact with various art mediums and learn interesting art techniques. They will create their own masterpieces, while learning the beautiful customs and traditions of the holiday. These workshops are the canvas for expression, feelings, and connection.

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